Marc Rebel
Destination wedding photographer from Germany – authentic and real wedding reportage.

Spontaneous moments create the most valuable memories.

The priceless value of some pictures only becomes apparent when the memories fade. Many such moments will rush past you at your wedding. The more beautiful it is ​​leafing through the history of your wedding even after many years.

The people at the weddings, their relationships, small gestures and emotional moments.

About me

Since your wedding is a very personal event for you, I would also like to introduce myself. It would be great if we get along well.

When I’m not doing my job as a wedding photographer, I’m the proud father and superhero of my two small children and we outdo each other with the support of my dear wife at nonsense. Otherwise I play guitar, I do anything for a good whiskey or wine and I love Italian cuisine.

When asked which photos are most meaningful to my couples, I am often shown seemingly insignificant snapshot-like pictures. Little moments that, even years later, still tell a story of the day and express the mood.

These are the moments that I look for at your wedding. They should tell the day as close and authentic as possible. For me, the combination of reportage and aesthetic photography is what makes wedding reportage so appealing.

This is the reason why I try to avoid interfering in any way on your wedding day. I don’t want to change the day – so I can capture as many real moments as possible.

It is my intention as a wedding photographer to create a timeless work for you. I don’t jump on a trend that might be ridiculed at some point. After all, your wedding photos will stay with you for decades and you should always look back on this day with pleasure.

Your wedding photographer

As the photographer of your wedding, I would like to dive unobtrusively among your guests to capture naturally moments. With a silent camera and only as much equipment as necessary, I bring the necessary sensibility to each moment.

I document the mood of the day in reportage style and capture all the important moments and emotions. Nothing will be changed or falsified in your pictures. I don’t create a fantasy world. Of course you will receive all the final wedding pictures digitally, edited and in the highest quality and, if you wish, in a high-quality photo album, where they will be shown to their best advantage.

And as a good advice, don’t let other people fool you with any ideas. It’s your wedding. Listen to your feelings and do what you feel happy with.


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Some of my favorite pictures

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Your wedding

You now got to know a little bit about me and my view of wedding photography. Now I’d be excited to meet you! Who are you, what is your story and what are your wedding plans?